"Simply said I cannot recommend more strongly Jeff when it comes to chiropractic services. Results speak for themselves but in the case of Doctor Jeff you get much more. Jeff is genuinely interested in every single patient that comes through his doors. He is passionate, generous with his time and always available. He is truly the best health care provider I have ever had the pleasure to deal with and could not think of anyone else to recommend who is looking for an outstanding Chiropractor. Very rarely do you come across someone who is living and breeding his life purpose in such an inspiring way. Doctor Jeff is it!" - Sylvie Harton


"After suffering from low back pain for years, I began to visit acupuncturists. massage therapists, and medical doctors.  Nothing helped. What was left?  Pills and surgery.  Although I hurt, the thought of living life in a pill fog was depressing.  Finally Dr. Arnel crossed my path and taught me his Chiropractic view of the body and especially the spinal nerves as being the channel through which the healing energy flows and maintain control of healing.  If this flow is interupted,by spinal misalignments, the Chiropractor will work to correct them.  The point is to heal, not to mask symptoms.   Masking symptoms does not lead to healing.  I trust this process.  It works!" - Sonja Kostas


"When I first came to Dr. Arnel's office I could barely walk, sit, stand or lie down without terrible pain. Dr. Arnel diagnosed me with a severly pinched nerve in my lower spine. After only several adjustments, I was able to perform normal functions with little or no pain without the use of drugs. I'm now pain free. Dr. Arnel is extremely knowledgable and enthusiastic of the chiropractic service he performs. I would recommend him very highly and will definately continue to be under his care." - Henry Jadach


 "Almost a year ago, I began seeing Dr. Arnel for stiffness in my neck and back. The care immediately helped me. Soon afterwards I had a car accident.  My car was rear-ended.  I ended up with headaches and four to five bulging disks in my back. I went to medical Drs.  They wanted to operate or stick needles in my spine with chemicals. I chose to stick with Dr. Arnel for adjustments two or three times per week. With his help I have been able to go to work and function most of the time. I also have a diagnosis of Diverticulitous and as an added benefit, my body works much better with the adjustments.  My outlook on life is much brighter since I can get help in a more natural way, without surgery or needles, the only options given to me by the medical community. Thank you Dr. Arnel." -  Sheryl L. Lofgren

"I suffered from migraines for over 25 years. I was afraid of chiropractic measures. When I met Dr. Arnel in 1994 and he assured me he can help my migraines. For more than 20 years now, I am migraine-free. Adjustments have helped me to get sick much less and feel dramatically better. My trust in Dr. Arnel paid off." - Ora Rehm

I just finished my first week of adjustments, and I have to say that I am more relaxed than I have been in a long time. I felt the difference the first time Dr. Arnel adjusted me and the improvement has been amazing ever since. I highly recommend Chiropractic care. - Judi Schectman