My Chiropractic Story

I did not grow up with chiropractic as a household word. As a kid, when I got symptomatic, (usually) my mom gave me something out of a bottle, some sort of medicinal drug, to make me feel better. I believe this is what happens in most homes.

I have a brother who years later had a car accident. Someone suggested he should go to a chiropractor. He went, and his health was restored. He then decided to go to chiropractic school.

When he came home during a break, he asked me "Jeff, what do you do when you get a headache?" I thought it was a ridiculous question. I answered with certainty in my voice, "I take an aspirin."

He said "really?" I said yes. He said "One more question. Do you think you get headaches because your body was low in aspirin? Was it an aspirin deficiency that caused your headache?" I said no. He replied "Then it doesn't make sense to treat a symptom, and ignore the real cause, does it?" I said, "well . . . no." It never even occurred to me until then that there were different and better ways to make me healthier.

From that moment on, I became tuned in to the myths, and misinformation we receive from the people around us. It is always well meaning and meant with love, but at the same time, it's not what is best.

So I then went to chiropractic school, and graduated in 1991. I worked with my brother for several years in NY, and then ventured off on my own to Orange, CT. So here I am, excited, incited, focused, dedicated, and committed to excellence. I am anxious to help my community, one person at a time. Always feel free to call me personally at 203 799-1234 with any question you may have. I'll do my best to answer them.