A Little on Nutrition

Getting proper nutrition is so important, yet too often overlooked. With busy, hectic lifestyles, nutrition is usually put to the back burner. If you take vitamins, or want to begin taking vitamins, here is the first thing you need to know.

Most people take vitamins as a pill. The body can't absorb pills. Pills need to be liquified first. This happens in the stomach. It can take as long as 4 hours to do this. As much as 90-98 percent of the number of milligrams on the label can be lost from the heat and acids in the stomach.

To provide much greater absorption in less time, I provide many people all over the country, with Isotonix nutritional supplements. It comes in powder form. You mix it with water and drink it. The stomach doesn't have to do anything to break it down. You get approx 98% absorption, within about 10 minutes. A significantly better result. It's not about what you take, but what you absorb!

If you aren't presently using vitamins, consider starting with a multi vitamin to make up for any deficiency you may have in your diet.  In addition to the Multi vitamin, the daily essentials also include Calcium, B-Complex and an antioxident.

To make it easy for you, search for Isotonix on my website www.isotonix/mperez I have this website to create an easier time for you to handle your nutritional needs. Take a look. Register and give something you like a try. Contact me if you have any questions.


Dr. Jeff Arnel